8 inch 2 in 1 FtM Pack and Play Prosthetic Packer Penis

8 inch 2 in 1 FtM Pack and Play Prosthetic Packer Penis

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This is 8 inch 2 in 1 FtM Pack and Play Prosthetic Packer Penis.

It is made of high quality synthetic realistic silicone.
The same silicone Freetom, ReelMagik and the bigger companies use.
It will last a VERY long time!
It has a nice hole for a rod insert for a simulated erection.
You will enjoy this in the bedroom!!

  • It is 8 inches long INCLUDING the balls
  • It is only 7 inches in shaft length
  • The girth is appx 4 inches
  • The shaft is a half inch thick for urine flow
  • Also for a biGGeR pleasure rod
  • *most other companies are a quarter inch

Our COLOR CHART is below!

Here is a video with our colors!

Here is a video of me with the prosthetic!

Showing you how it is in my hands etc. Please watch and like!

Please watch our YouTube channel to actually SEE the prosthetics in my hands.
We do not want our website covered in Penis pictures, neither does our merchant.
But YouTube does not mind. We have over 1.5 MILLION views on our channel and PLENTY of content for you to look at!
I have videos of me testing the funnel systemwith a kitchen sink!
The funnel does very well, you will be surprised!

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Need a harness?

We will soon have a nice variety of packing boxers, harnesses, binders more!

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