Can I get an update on my order?!

Posted by Dick on 8/25/2018 to News
Please remember folks. We NO LONGER have a customer service team. I have a COUPLE people here and there who WITHOUT BEING ASKED help out and do not EXPECT anything in return, they just know Customer Service is my WEAKEST skill and they are trying to help the shop.

So yes, while I DO answer some folks messages here and there on facebook … if you want to talk to me please EMAIL ME as per the FAQ page.

It is easier for me to set my mind straight for 1 hour and prepare to deal with customers via EMAIL during a designated time period where I can try hard to BE NICE and actually help you guys. Instead of RANDOMLY catching me when I could be in ANY KIND OF MOOD when I check in on facebook.

And please. Anyone who knows me.

You know it drives me NUTS when you ask me "how far along is my order?" - I think it is offensive, rude, disrespectful and I DO NOT LIKE IT! I am allowed to not like stuff! Just because you bought from me does not mean you can now message me 37 times a week asking for order updates!

I am a business man and if you chose 90 day shipping there is a 95% or more chance you will get your order in 90 days +\- a few days!

And guess what?!

SOMETIMES I MAKE EXTRA BATCHES AND HAVE LEFTOVER DICKS. Then I use THOSE dicks to fill orders for a few lucky guys and sometimes guys get their dicks WAY FASTER - but when those kind of situations happen.

I look for names in the shipping software who HAVE NOT HARRASSED ME AND ASKED ME OVER AND OVER WHERE IS MY ORDER!!!

Honestly - usually - those kind of folks I mess up their orders on accident somehow. Like I lose the shipping label or it just slips through the cracks or just weird stuff happens with your order. It is like ORDER VOODOO when you ask WHERE IS MY ORDER !!!!


So think about that please.



Roz Pondo
Date: 2/15/2019
Ben, I have tried reaching you. You blocked me on Facebook, you have NOT returned my emails. I noticed that the order I should have received possibly went to the wrong address. It went to 629 Lindberg instead of 529. And I have no idea if you got the one I sent back. I am trying to be patient but seriously need you to get in touch with me.

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