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Please read this entire FAQ page before ordering!
Please read the entire page!
Also remember. I am the ONLY PERSON running this store!
I do NOT have help, I do it alone. So it takes some time to get to you!
But it will be worth it :)

Q: How long is shipping?
A: We have four shipping speed options. Depending on what you pay for!
  • Standard 100 day shipping (OR LONGER)
  • Fast-ish 60 days shipping
  • Faster 30 days shipping
  • Wicked Fast 10 days shipping
To those that are not familiar with the Prosthetic Penis industry, almost ALL of the companies take months to make your order. Unless you order some sort of express shipping. ALL of the FtM StP companies are back ordered and take a long time to get your order. The problem is, a LOT of the other companies TELL YOU they ship within a couple weeks and take months to ship. I prefer to TELL YOU UP FRONT that it is going to take a long time to get your order. But I thought it was a good idea to offer different levels of express shipping options.

Q: What happens if I move before my product is sent to me?
A: Email me at [email protected] (yes, [email protected]) and tell me the new address to ship to. Please also include the original order number so we do not ship to the wrong house!


Q: Is packaging discreet?
A: Absolutely. I wrap it up in multiple bubble wrap packaging and make sure there is NO WAY you can tell what is inside the package for Express shipping. If you order the free shipping your package will come in a traditional yellow envelope, but you still cannot tell what is in it. I try to wrap them up good so you cannot see the shape.


Q: How do I contact Customer Support?
A: Email me at [email protected] with support questions. Give me at least 48 hours to respond. Remember, I do this alone! EVERYTHING that has to do with this store I do alone with no help from anyone. So please be cool when emailing me with support questions. I am not the best with customer support but I make a damn good dick!


Q: Do you ship international?
A: Yup! Sure do. I ship to ANYWHERE that USPS will ship to. Any country. To see how much shipping is in your country, just proceed to checkout and pay when you are ready. Enter your address and click 'calculate rates' and it will tell you how much it costs.

DUE TO THE NATURE OF THIS PRODUCT - international shipping is pretty expensive. Cheaper options DO NOT ENSURE YOUR PRODUCT WILL GET TO YOU.


Q: How long does clearance item shipping take?
A: Clearance items usually ship within one week. Usually we have to wait until your funds deposit in to the account – then we use that money to ship with.

We are a small company (obviously!) and we do not have a large shipping budget set aside for shipping labels like big companies do. Also, due to the nature of this product, we are categorized as a 'risky' business. So when we get a sale our merchant holds the funds for 7 days and we do not see it for 7 days.


Q: Do you offer returns, refunds or exchanges?
A: No. Sorry, this is a prosthetic penis, not a DVD or a T-Shirt. So please make SURE you understand what you are buying, make SURE you REALLY want it and you can wait to get it. The prosthetic penis industry takes a LONG time to get orders to customers because there is a LOT of demand and they basically have to be back ordered.


Also, this is not Wal-Mart. The instant your funds are deposited to the store account, we spend it on the products needed to make your order. Then we start making your order. Maybe some day when we are a bigger company we will have different rules. But for now, absolutely NO REFUNDS and NO EXCHANGES. The ONLY time I can do that is if I send you the wrong order on accident. IF I SEND YOU THE WRONG ORDER ON ACCIDENT, DO NOT OPEN THE PLASTIC THAT SURROUNDS THE PENIS OR I WILL REFUSE RETURN!

Please respect that and MAKE SURE you are ready to purchase before you do.



Hey guys!

Benson here.

If you do not know me, read below!

There is a TON of information about me and the store on our YouTube and Instagram pages.

Links are below!

You can see LOTS of footage of me with the prosthetics in my hand explaining them, etc.

Please watch our YouTube channel to actually SEE the prosthetics in my hands.
We do not want our website covered in Penis pictures, neither does our merchant.
But YouTube does not mind. We have over 1.5 MILLION views on our channel and PLENTY of content for you to look at!
I have videos of me testing the funnel systemwith a kitchen sink!
The funnel does very well, you will be surprised!

Please also follow our Instagram for store updates and coupon codes!
I often post shipping updates, coupon codes and other fun stuff on Instagram!
Please make sure and follow us for constant updates.
I also post CUSTOMER REVIEWS on that page!
So you can see what actual customers have said about the product.

Thank you for visiting our site! If you do not know already, I am 1 man in 1 garage making these prosthetics for you. I make them as fast as I can with the amount of orders I get. I try my best to make everyone happy. I am NOT perfect. I DO make mistakes. But it has become my favorite thing to do in the world. Making prosthetic StP Stand to Pee Packers for my guys. I have never been more happy running this website and serving the FtM community.

A little about me.

I started working for Freetom Prosthetics around summer 2015. After a lengthy Call Center career, I needed a change. My former friend at the time was a manager at Freetom. They needed another 'store manager' type person and I was accepted for the position. Basically because my friend worked there.

I was trained how to make prosthetics for the FtM community by Freetom and learned every position in the company.

Freetom did not have the best reputation at the time for customer service at the time. So I decided to make a 'Customer Service Facebook Group' and invited many of the Freetom customers.

The guys\customers LOVED it. They started to love how hard I worked for them to find out where their order was etc, talking to them and just being a face for the company that they could reach out to and feel comfortable that their order was being taken care of. Weird thing though, the Freetom owner did NOT like it.

I was fired shortly after that.

I still had access (and owned) the Freetom Customer Service facebook group and we had over 300 guys in it. The guys were pissed that I got fired over some BS reason and wanted me to continue making them prosthetics. So I got myself some masters to clone and created a BETTER funnel system than the competition. That was one of the BIGGEST complaints about other companies. The funnel system. So I made a GREAT one and started my own shop.

I changed the name of the Freetom customer service group to FtM Connect and we started recruiting as many trans guys as we could find to help grow the page and start the new shop.

We now have over 4500 transmen in our facebook group and over 2500 followers on our Instagram page!

In a nutshell, that is it! I have not looked back since and I am still here making prosthetics for the FtM community!



Typical weeks go like this for me and the shop. Please keep in mind it pretty much is JUST ME doing all this work.

Monday - Usually customer service and answering emails day. Then mixing, pouring and curing. Blog post if I can.

Tuesday - Usually printing out shipping labels and finding matches for them with the prior days work.

Wednesday - Usually marketing, sales and promotions days. I do try to mix and pour here also.

Thursday - Usually more customer service comes in and more marketing and packing orders begins.

Friday - More packing orders, Friday weekend promotions, marketing, delivering to UPS and blogging.

I TRY to take weekends off but usually end up working.