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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does it take to make my prosthetic?
A: I have three different shipping options.

  • 60 day for free (no tracking) +10 for tracking
  • 30 day for $25 more (no tracking) +10 for tracking
  • 10 day for $50 more (no tracking) +10 for tracking
This is how long it takes me to MAKE your prosthetic, before I am ready to ship it out to you.
Then, you will have to decide if you want a tracking number or not.
Remember, I am a one man show. I have no employees. I do this by myself for you.
With the amount of orders I get, it takes me about 75 days to get orders out.
You can, however, pay more and get shipping faster.


Q: Why do you charge more for faster shipping?
A: Some people just have more money than others. Like, if you go to a nightclub you can tip the bouncer and he will let you cut line and get in the club faster. It is just business. This also provides extra income for the store, since I do not JACK UP the prices of the prosthetics like other companies do.


Q: Why do you charge 10 dollars for tracking?
A: It costs about 8 dollars to buy you a tracking number from USPS.com - then I have to buy tape, envelopes, packaging, printer ink, paper and other office supplies to get your order shipped. This helps to cover the cost.


Q: How do I contact Customer Support?
A: I do not really have a customer service team. But, you can email me at [email protected] with any questions or concerns - I will write you back as soon as possible. Please avoid the "where is my package" question unless I am LATE with your order... if I go OVER the 10, 30 or 75 day waiting period that you purchased.


Q: Why do you only sell 3 different dicks?
A: That is all I can handle at this time. At one point, I had 8 dicks to choose from. Being that I am the only person running this store, it got very difficult to keep up with. Simplifying the store with only a few options was a better business decision so I do not get so far behind, flooded with orders and confusion.


Q: How do I clean my prosthetic?
A: Dawn dish soap works very well! Or any gentle soap. Avoid chemicals!


Q: What lube should I use with my prosthetic?
A: I recommend Coconut Oil. 10000000% it is WAY better than any man made lube on the face of the Earth! Plus, it smells good and is good for you!


Q: What if I have a question that is not answered here?
A: Feel free to email me at [email protected] and I will reply as soon as possible!


Q: I have heard bad things about Benson and this store. What's up with that?
A: If you look for good things about me and this store, you will find them. If you look for bad things about me and this store, you will find them. Same goes for any business these days. 100% of prosthetic penis stores have bad reviews and 100% of prosthetic penis stores have good reviews. If you are nice to me and give me a chance to earn your business, I will bend over backwards for you and do my best to make you happy. If you are rude to me and treat me like I am not a human being, I will treat you the same. Remember, I am just a guy in a garage making these prosthetics at a low cost for you guys because I care about the community. I am NOT a big business with a big budget and a staff full of employees

I am just a dude with a particular set of skills making dicks in his garage!


Want to learn more about me and the store?

Check out my Instagram page
It is LOADED with customer reviews, funny trans memes, dick pics and more!

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I will try to make this short and concise.

A lot of people already know my story, but if you do not, here ya go!

I am a former IT professional (Information Technology) turned entrepreneur. I got sick of the tech world and was looking for something different to do with my life. My friend at the time was working at a store called Freetom Prosthetics. I had NO CLUE what it was, NO CLUE what it was about, but I knew it was a paycheck, it was NOT me sitting in front of a computer all day like I have been doing for so many years, and my friend would be my manager.

So I started working at Freetom Prosthetics around September 2015. 

I learned EVERY aspect of the company because I was hired to be some kind of 'Manager' and they wanted me to learn how to do everything.

I learned how to make the prosthetics, cut them, clean them, pack them, ship them.

Long story short, for some unknown reason the owner started to not like me. He would say things to me like "we do not want YOUR KIND working here". I am not really sure what he meant, but he did not like MY KIND apparently.

I was fired shortly after.

During my time at Freetom, I built relationships with some trans guys and started a Facebook group. When I told them that I got fired, they told me they didn't want me to stop making prosthetics for them and didn't want me to stop serving the community. I am a nice, fun guy and we were having some good times together.

So I decided to start my own store.

I knew what I needed to start my own store. I knew what equipment I needed, how much it costs, what silicone to get, everything. They just spent all that time training me and then fired me a month later.

Not smart... 

I have kids, I needed income and I did not want to go back to the tech world. So I started making my own dicks. I took back orders at first. Took a HUGE risk of failing. Got enough money in back orders to get all the equipment and silicone I needed to start the store. I cloned my first couple of master dicks and … well … IT WORKED! The funnel system I created was GREAT and the store was off to a fast success.

That was in 2015.

Here I am, a couple of websites later. A couple of failed store designs later. But here I am. Still around. Still making dicks and still offering the lowest cost for the best quality around.

I do NOT make a lot of money doing this. 

I could spice up my resume and get a 6 figure tech job again if I wanted to.

I do this because it is FUN, trans guys NEED a low cost store with all the JACKED UP PRICES most stores offer. Times are changing. People are changing. This product is needed on the market. I am happy to take the role of the low cost prosthetic penis provider! I never claimed to be a Mercedes Benz but I am a dang good Honda Accord that will surely get the job done.

I do not plan on going anywhere and as long as I can pay the bills and eat food, I will do this until I retire!