Four Inch 2 in 1 FtM Packer

Four Inch 2 in 1 FtM Packer

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  • 4 inches including the balls

  • 3 inch long shaft

  • girth is appx 2.5 inches

  • it is filled with silicone, it will literally last forever

  • super soft, realistic, high quality silicone same as freetom and reel magik


Any packing underwear or harness will work fine. If you do not have any packing underwear or binders, CLICK HERE and try FtM Essentials. They have a variety of options to choose from.

As you can see in the photos, it packs VERY well and does not create a massive bulge like other companies.


We recommend coconut oil for lube. You may use condoms with these.

Here are our color options!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who makes these prosthetics?

A: Me! I am one man in one garage making these for you. No one helps me, no one does my marketing, social media, shipping, product creation, I do it ALL myself! I made the website myself (that is why it is not that great, but I do not know much coding) and I took all the pictures of the prosthetics you see on the site. That is why they are not that professional looking. (sorry!) I am not a photographer, I cannot afford a professional photographer, I am just doing the best I can to get these products out because a LOT of guys need a low cost stand to pee packer provider!

Q: How long have you been doing this?
A: I started working for Freetom Prosthetics in September of 2015. After being let go, I started my own website and began making prosthetics out of my garage with my own designs. I have sold over 4000 Stand to Pee Packers to happy trans men all over the world!

Q: How long does it take to get my order?

A: Please remember I am the ONLY person doing this. I do not have employees! I also am a stay at home father. I feel safe saying I can get ALL orders out within 6 weeks. Please be willing to be patient with me! I am doing the best I can. :)

Q: Do I get tracking with my order?
A: You will want tracking with your order. Trust me. It will cost 10 dollars for tracking. Remember, it is NOT free for me to buy tracking!

Q: How do I clean my prosthetic?
A: Dawn dish soap or a similar brand will do just fine. Just no harsh chemicals.

Q: Can I swim with my prosthetic on?

A: Yes! Water will not damage the silicone. Just make sure you have it on tight!

Q: What lube should I use with my prosthetic?

A: I recommend Coconut Oil. 10000000% it is WAY better than any man made lube on the face of the Earth! Plus, it smells good and is good for you!

Q: How do I contact Customer Support?

A: Feel free to email me at [email protected] or reply to your order confirmation email!

Q: Can I talk to you before I buy?

A: Absolutely! Feel free to email me at [email protected]. Please allow me up to 1 business day to reply. 

5 Stars
Great Silicone
the filled in silicone on this one looks like it will last forever. it is way better quality than the joey or other packers. those have very cheap silicone, this one is a lot better.
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Reviewed by:  from Washington. on 10/18/2019
4 Stars
You will hear ppl say this store is run by a transphobic person, but 99% of those ppl are teenagers, middle school kids or similar. Do not listen to teenage kids with blue hair and hate their parents. This is a good shop. How can you possibly be transphobic if you make dicks for trans ppl? lol judge the store by YOUR OWN experience with the store. Not what some blue hair trans trender 13 year old said on facebook.
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Reviewed by:  from Wisconsin. on 3/14/2020