FtM StP Stand to Pee Packer Prosthetic Penis Black Friday Sale!

Posted by Dick on 11/7/2018

FtM Transgender StP Stand to Pee Packer Prosthetic Penis Black Friday Sale!

FtM StP Prosthetic Packer Black Friday Sale

 Hey guys!

www.ftmstp.com use code BlackFriday for 75% off of your order!

We are having a Black Friday MONTH sale on our StP Stand to Pee Packer Prosthetic Penises for the FtM Trans community.

We did this last year and it went really well. Lots of customer bought prosthetics. A record number of Express Shipping upgrades were sold and a LOT of guys got their prosthetics before Christmas!

If you need a good stand to pee packer prosthetic and a harness, we also do make harnesses for your d!cks! You can order Express Shipping for your prosthetic with a harness and a pleasure rod for play for around the price it would cost at another store like Freetom, Reel Magik or the other high cost slow delivery stores!

Our prosthetics have a SUPERIOR funnel system than other stores. One lucky think about our store that is different from the others is. I USED TO WORK FOR FREETOM! I LISTENED to the customers when they told me that the funnel and the balls on the prosthetics are too big.

So I made mine SMALLER and more comfortable!

www.ftmstp.com use code BlackFriday for 75% off of your order!

My main focus on the prosthetics are URINE FLOW and the funnel system. My silicone is the SAME KIND as all the other big wig stores but a FRACTION of the cost.

I have a bigger exit hole. A bigger shaft. Which ALSO means a bigger RoD can fit in there for more pleasure! 8=====D`

Check our YouTube channel for videos!

We have TONS of videos to watch and over 1.6 million views!

Ok, so I think that is all we need to discuss for this blog post about the Black Friday Prosthetic Sale that is going on all month long!

Make sure you take advantage! 

These are the lowest prices of the year and the best deals!

Make sure that you order express shipping when you place your order, so you do not have to wait the 100 days it takes for the free standard shipping. 

Remember, I am ONE guy in ONE garage making these for you. I am backed up with orders and it takes up to 100 days if you do not upgrade to express shipping. It can take as little as TEN DAYS when you do get express shipping!

www.ftmstp.com use code BlackFriday for 75% off of your order!

We are having a Black Friday MONTH sale on our StP Stand to Pee Packer Prosthetic Penises for the FtM Trans community.

Can I get an update on my order?!

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Please remember folks. We NO LONGER have a customer service team. I have a COUPLE people here and there who WITHOUT BEING ASKED help out and do not EXPECT anything in return, they just know Customer Service is my WEAKEST skill and they are trying to help the shop.

FtM StP Stand to Pee Packers and Play Prosthetic Penis

Posted by Dick on 8/12/2018


Use code NEWSTORE55 for 50% off of your order!

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FtM Stand To Pee Packers


Sleek looking Trans Prosthetic Penis


FtM Packers - Chest Binders coming soon!


We sell Transgender Penis - Prosthetic Fake Penis are real looking with multiple skin tones and realistic dicks called Pack and Play with Pleasure 3 in 1 not 4 in 1. Our new store URL is www.ftmstp.com where you will find low cost and high quality ftm packers.


Similar to Freetom Prosthetics and Peecock ftm packers, our real synthetic penises have a better leak proof funnel that does not hold urine in the ballsack area like other stand to pee device. Our transgender packers ftm packer whatever you want to call them :) we feel have a great pee funnel.


Our funnel was designed with data collected from 100% transmen and we studied exactly what the biggest problem was with packing and peeing, which overwhelmingly was urine being stuck in the ballsack cave of the freetom prosthetic and even the Reel Magik prosthetics that cost over 500 dollars. We have seen reports of mold on the peacocking prosthetic penises as well.


It seems any new high dollar StP company like Rodeoh or Emisil that comes out also has this caved in ballsack and still have not listened to their customers enough to fix that problem. Rodeoh does hive nice packing underwear though.



Use code NEWSTORE55 for 50% off of your order!

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We are not trying to disrespect these other companies, we are just pointing out the facts that our data collection provided. Some companies do what THEY think is best for their product. We do what OUR CUSTOMERS say is best.


No one wants urine in their ballsack. What, are you gonna take your prosthetic out in the restroom and clean it in the sink before you leave? No. You will have a prosthetic from us instead and you simply use a flushable toilet wipe and quickly clean your unit, dispose of your wipe and carry on.-

Please also read the CUSTOMER REVIEWS at the bottom of the page. These are from actual guys who have bought, used and reviewed our products. Not only the reviews in the images section but scroll ALL the way to the bottom and read the multiple 4 and 5 star customer reviews for this product.


Remember, you can join our facebook group and TALK to these guys in person if you want. I am sure any would be more than happy to send you a message and talk to you about their experience with the product.


Our link is here.



Use code NEWSTORE55 for 50% off of your order!

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Please watch our YouTube channel to actually SEE the prosthetics in my hands.
We do not want our website covered in Penis pictures, neither does our merchant.
But YouTube does not mind. We have over 1.5 MILLION views on our channel and PLENTY of content for you to look at!
I have videos of me testing the funnel systemwith a kitchen sink!
The funnel does very well, you will be surprised!
Please also follow our Instagram for store updates and coupon codes!
I often post shipping updates, coupon codes and other fun stuff on Instagram!
Please make sure and follow us for constant updates.
I also post CUSTOMER REVIEWS on that page!
So you can see what actual customers have said about the product.

www.ftmstp.com Free Packer Giveaway Contest

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FtM StP Free Packer Contest

Free to Enter and Here is How

Watch the ENTIRE VIDEO to learn how to enter the contest.


If you have any questions on how to enter the contest,

please comment below and I will answer you!

If you are NOT a customer and you want to enter.

Please comment below!

We will figure out a way to get you involved.

CLICK HERE for 9 new FtM StP Stand to Pee Prosthetic Penis and Packers to choose from!
CLICK HERE for KT Tape Dos and Don’ts | FTM Binding
CLICK HERE for FtM Chase Ross reviews the Kiss-X – A stroker sex-toy designed for Trans Men by Buck Angel

FtM Connect StP Ninja FtM StP Orders Getting Filled!

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Hey guys!

Here is another video of me proving my work.

That I am indeed filling orders as fast as I can.

And the haters are being proven wrong ONCE again!!!

Please comment, like and sub if you have not!

Please also share if you can!

StP Ninja dot com is now forwarding to THIS store.

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Quick store update here!

We have basically CLOSED www.stpninja.com and have forwarded all traffic from THERE to HERE!

If you have an outstanding order with www.stpninja.com you will NOT BE ABLE to look it up by going to that URL!

Here are your options.

1. simply email me at [email protected] to get support and ask me where your order is!

2. you can try to go to https://dickbenson.myshopify.com/ and look up your order there!

I hope this answers any questions and thank you for all your support and patience as we transition to the new store!


please comment below and say "GOT IT!" or something like that so I know guys are reading this and understand what is going on!!!

Introducing 'The Curve' 2 in 1 prosthetic penis packer

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Hey guys!

I am bringing back the old CuRvEy 6 incher.

A LOT of guys have been asking for it.

So I decided to bring it back.

FOR NOW it will just be the 2 in 1 packer and play.

I CAN upgrade it to the StP version if we get enough guys asking.

But for now lets just enjoy having another packer to choose from!

Here is a video.

Please like comment and subscribe if you have not already!

If you would like to buy this … please click below!

New Website Tutorial and Free Contest Entry Info

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Image result for free giveaway contest

www.ftmstp.com - Use code NewStore55 for 55% off of you order!

Hey guys!

We are doing another contest.

This one is for a free 2in1 Pack and Play WITH the insertable rod.

Normally 75 dollars, you can get one for free!

CLICK HERE to see the actual product page for the 2in1 pack and play prosthetic.

Then come back here to enter the contest to get one!

All you have to do is watch this video.

Follow what the video tells you to do and how to enter the contest.



Now please comment here on this blog post AS WELL as the YouTube video if you can!



It is almost as important that you comment here as it is that you comment on the YouTube video!

If you know me, you know I like to rank on Google and other search engines.

It helps the store with Google search results.

When YOU COMMENT on my blog posts, it tells Google that people are interested in the site!

Image result for comment and share

A LOT of people ask me all the time how they can help the store out.

Well, a GREAT way to help the store out is to COMMENT and SHARE our blog posts and videos!


So please do that!

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ftmstp.com Frequently Asked Questions

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